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Bern University of the Arts, Institute Materiality in Arts and Culture


Swiss National Science Foundation

Project lead

Dr. Hanna Hölling


01.10.2020 – 30.09.2024


All photographs and videos used on this website are copyrighted by their authors.

Site header photo: Filippo Minelli: Making of Silence/Shapes, 2016. Art Safiental, 15 July – 31 August 2016, Safiental, Grisons (Switzerland). Photograph: Filippo Minelli

Home page, header video: Valerian Maly & Klara Schilliger, Gerölle, January 16, 2011, Kunstmuseum Luzern. Link

Home page, featured photo: Com&Com (Johannes Hedinger and Marcus Gossolt): Bloch, 2011–ongoing. Performance at Shanghai’s Power Station of Art, 23 February 2013, 9th Shanghai Biennale (October 2, 2012–March 31, 2013). Photograph: Com&Com

Team page, featured photo: Com & Com (Johannes Hedinger and Marcus Gossolt), Bloch, 2011-ongoing. Bloch Procession, March 2011, Appenzell Ausserrhoden. Photograph: Com & Com 

News page, featured photo: Documentation of In Strange Hands by Gisela Hochuli, 2021 (performed as part of the colloquium Performance: The Ethics and the Politics of Care). Photograph: Gisela Hochuli.

Events page, featured photo: Daniel Fishkin’s Solar Sounders, 2021. Photograph: Brittany Newman

Writings page, featured photo: Dreamcrusher performing at Room & Board, Brooklyn, 2015. Photograph: Nate Boguszewski

Two Questions page, featured photo: Frank and Patrik Riklin, Atelier für Sonderaufgaben: Null Stern Hotel (Land Art Version), 2016. Installation with double bed and back wall, bedside lamp, pavers, and modern butler. Art Safiental, 15.07.–31.08.2016, Safiental, Grisons (Switzerland). Photograph: Atelier für Sonderaufgaben

Resources page, featured photo: Shelley Spector, Book Buff, 2016. Photograph: Nate Boguszewski

Contact page, featured photo: Daniel Fishkin, Body Piece, 2014. Photograph: Nate Boguzsewski


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