Research projects

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  • Symposium Networking the Histories of Performance Art, Zürich Hochschule der Künste, 06.12.2018
  • Sommer Academy 2017: Performance, Lies and Videotape, Zürich Hochschule der Künste, 20.07.2017
  • Performing Documentation in the Conservation of Contemporary Art international conference Lisbon, June 2013 
  • Collecting and Conserving Performance Art, German Association of Conservators-Restorers in Wolfsburg, 9–11 June 2016
  • Reconstructing Swiss Video Art 1970s–1980s

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Terminology related to performance and conservation:

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Conservation theory and history

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Conservation of sound, moving image, and electronic media

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Conservation of performance

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Curation and Museology

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Performance art, history and theory

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Other fields of performance

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